Milking Stool

Back in the day when a farmer would go into the barn to milk the cows, the stool of choice was always a three legged stool. Why not four legs like all the chairs in the house? Good question.

The floor of a barn was usually dirt and uneven. A three legged stool will still be stable on an uneven floor whereas a four legged stool will wobble and tip over.

In our lives there are three supports that will keep us stable no matter how uneven the circumstances. They are Love, Presence and Positivity.

Love is the ability to see the beauty in a person, place or animal whether it is in plain sight or hidden. Presence is the choice to awaken each morning and not to merely get up each morning. Positivity is the courage to wear the rose colored glasses while some others are wearing the very dark ones and exhorting you to change.

With Love, Presence and Positivity as your support, life is the wonderful, marvelous mystery that keeps you wanting more answers and more experiences. Lighten up and keep LPP as your main support and you’ll not tip over.

As a wise man once said when asked why a milking stool had three legs instead of four – he said it was because the cow had the udder. Lighten up and enjoy!

(c)2014 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride

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