(You are Blessed!)

Our joy in each day depends mainly on the amount AND the kind of energy we bring to it. Notice that I didn’t mention the weather, other people, health, finances, work, the news, your relatives, your age, your past or where you live. That is because although they matter, they matter far less than you believe they do.

Before you get out of bed each morning, all the “to do’s” run through your mind. All of the “I didn’t’s” do too. A brand new day waits in front of you and the day waits patiently for you to color it. If you don’t consciously choose a color, by default, the day will just use what color has been used recently. There’s usually plenty left over from your yesterday.

How about, just as an experiment, tomorrow morning when you wake, you open a brand new can of paint, a brand new color, maybe even your favorite? How about you make this color vibrant and filled with positive thoughts, energy and memories? How about you get so filled with joy, that you begin splashing this color all over your work?

Every thing and every one in your day will consciously or unconsciously start to come into harmony with the energy/color that you choose and hold onto because everyone seeks harmony with the dominant and prevailing energy. And YOU, yes, YOU can be the dominant and prevailing energy if you will choose it early and often in your day.

Each day is your new canvass. Don’t waste time trying in vain to repaint some yesterday. If you do, someone else will paint your today and it might not bring you the joy you could have had.

(c)2013 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride


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