You wanted something with all of your heart. You pictured it in your mind. You said prayers. You surrounded it with positive energy. You kept all doubt out of your mind and you expected it…..and it didn’t happen. In fact it didn’t happen even worse than you could have thought had you allowed yourself to think how bad it could have turned out but of course you didn’t because you were so sure that if you stuck to your no doubt mentality it would happen the way you wanted it to. What happened?
Being absolutely, positively focused on something does not make you God. There is no secret ritual that can guarantee that what you want comes about exactly as you planned every single time.
You do have the ability to greatly influence what comes into your life but because you don’t know everything about everything you were not put in charge of everything! Learn to celebrate the good things that you believe you brought into your life but learn to accept the things that God has brought into your life even if they conflict with what you wanted.
Many times we fight to hold on to a beautiful piece of cut glass unaware the Somebody is trying to take it away so that it can be replaced with a diamond.

©2010 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride


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