What happened to your dreams? You used to bring them out, blow a little dust off them and look at them and see your future. It made you optimistic about the future and it made you happy. What happened?

People say “Oh, life got in the way” or “Reality finally set in”. Poppycock!! Your dreams are still there and they are still viable if you would be the least bit courageous and flexible.

Joe R. from Queens, New York wanted to grow up and play baseball, his first love. Joe decided at 63 that his dreams were long gone, expired, dust. With just a change in mindset of what is possible, two years later Joe moved to Florida and now “works” full time on the coaching staff for a minor league team. He says he can’t call it “work” because he’s having so much fun.

Margaret C. from Ann Arbor Michigan “knew” that her dreams were in the dustbin of the past. At 52 and single, her dreams of a partner and a place at the beach seemed light years away and not worthy of even fantasizing. With a change in mindset and action, Margaret didn’t wait for the beach and partner to come to her, she moved to the beach and found her partner.

Jackie A. didn’t have to move anywhere. Wanting so badly to be a fashion model, her dreams vanished in her tiny town far away from the runways by the time she was 24. At 29 with two small children, Jackie realized that her gift of drawing fashion designs brought her more pleasure than modeling ever could. A change in mindset and Jackie lived her dream.

Your dreams are not gone. They are a part of you and always will be. Dust them off, change any rigid ideas about their fulfillment and have the courage and flexibility to change. You are never trapped or set in your ways until you say so.

Go after your dream and every step, no matter how small, will inspire you and inspire all who know you. And if by chance you don’t believe you have a dream, today is a great day to start looking for one. There’s nothing that is beyond your ability once you change your mindset to “Yes, I can”.

(c)2015 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride

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