Keep saying carrots, carrots, carrots and surround yourself with pictures of carrots and paint every room in your house carrot orange but actually plant watermelons and guess what? You’re going to harvest watermelons!!
No matter what you are saying or wishing for, what you are DOING is what gives you the results. You can want all to be well in your life but if you constantly entertain thoughts of doom and gloom, that’s what you are planting. You can want your children to abide by higher standards but if you do not, that’s what you are planting. You can want to boldly go into the future but if you are stuck in the past, that’s what you are planting.
Every moment of your life you are harvesting what you have planted and planting the new seeds that you are creating. Take a long, honest look at where you are in several areas of your life. Do you like the harvest? If you do, keep planting the same seeds but if you don’t like the harvest, get some new seeds. They won’t sprout right away. Don’t be discouraged if nothing changes for a little while. You’ll still be harvesting the old plantings. Have discipline, faith and patience and keep planting the new seeds and soon what you want and what you harvest will be identical.


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