A Good Day

We label our days as good days or bad days by the way we feel that day. If we feel good, it’s a good day. If we feel bad, it’s a bad day. The key then is to feel good more often thereby having a larger percentage of good days. Seems simple, right? Maybe.

The biggest hindrance to bettering our percentages is the fact that other people exist on the planet too. Oh, if there was no one else around, we could still call it a good day or a bad day based on other things like the weather or the availability of our favorite food but by and large, it is other people that we believe make it a good or bad day for us.

The fact is that there are other people on the planet, a lot of them. Each one, just like you and I, has their own way of thinking and acting and to expect all of them to be in total harmony with the way you think and act is actually quite laughable.

So, if your daily happiness is based on how you choose to see the world, you are in luck. If your daily happiness is based on being in perfect harmony with others, you’re screwed. Your only shot at having a good day is generating and embracing your own happiness. Other than that, it is just like buying a lottery ticket each morning and hoping to win the happiness lottery that day.

You wouldn’t expect everyone to be hungry when you are hungry so why should you expect everyone else to be happy at the same time as you. When you are hungry, go eat. When you want to be happy, think about your blessings and get happy.

A good day is yours and yours alone to make.

(C) 2012 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride


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