We wait, poised and ready for the answers. We know that sometime, somewhere it’s all going to make sense. All we have gone through, all of our trials and tribulations will be seen as an absolutely essential part of the puzzle. We will be rewarded just for the fact that we kept going. But…. what if we are wrong?

Maybe, just maybe we are not here to just make it through the maze, the jungle. Maybe, just maybe we are here to create and not to just survive. Maybe we are here to create a path so unique and so bold as to actually upset some people. Maybe we were meant to face derision and rejection and ridicule for our way of thinking and acting and being. Maybe it is not about fitting in.

You have always followed the beat of a different drummer at least in your thoughts. It is time to dance publicly to that drumbeat. Stop hiding. Find a way to express your love today. Question one of your cherished beliefs today. Don’t complain even once today. Don’t try to just get through this day. Gild this day. Do whatever you can to make it incredible. Rewrite the script you already have written for today. Make your part better, more fortunate.

There is a revolution that is starting and it’s all inside of you and it’s all about freedom, your freedom. You are not an extra in this play. You are the star. Act like it.

(C) 2011 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride


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