You were not sent here to live an ordinary life. You were not sent here to just make it through unscathed. It would be like using a powerful computer to hold the door open. You were meant to create answers. You were meant to go into the diamond mine and figure out how to get the diamonds and not waste a whole life sitting at the entrance waiting for someone in the mine to throw you a tiny diamond.

However your life has been up until now, what matters is what you do today and tomorrow. Between right now and the end of your life you can rewrite your legacy. If there are wonderful things in your past you can highlight and build upon them. If your past is a little murky you can make the rest of your days so brilliant that the murkiness will be obliterated.

This is it. This is exactly the moment that the rest of your life starts. This is wet clay, a blank canvass, the first page of a new journal. Some day in the future you will look back at this week and either pass right over it or you will look back at this week and say “That was the week that I started.”

Two questions will surface if you decide to start. First, “What do I start?” The answer is; take a step toward who you dream of being. Second, “What if I fail again?” The answer is; this time you can’t fail.

There is no second chance on any yesterday. There is only a limited amount of first chances on the days in front of you. This one, right now, begs you to begin. Smile to yourself, commit and begin. A future you will be very happy that you did.

(C) 2012 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride


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