Got Drama?

(Got Drama?)

Drama is the attention getter because drama gets rewarded. Tell someone that you are getting better in any area of your life and you get a nod and a quick smile but tell them things are getting worse and the addition of drama brings their concern and their attention. What’s your story? Is it about what you have overcome or is it about what crushed you? Is your life a drama and are you known for that? Do people expect that another thing has broken in your life? Drama is a story of poor little me. It doesn’t serve you. It depletes you. We all have good times and not so good times. What we dramatize grows.

Drama gets attention and makes us feel a certain kind of special. We have to ask ourselves what is the price we pay for drama? We know the reward. We know there will be attention, concern, our short comings will be disregarded, maybe even some help but what’s the price? Every bit of drama in our life is another hole in our boat, too many and we sink into a sea of negativity perhaps forever. The little rewards are not worth it! It’s like the little old ladies who sit playing the nickel slots and are always surprised to see their change cup empty. “But I was winning!” they say.

There’s no joy in drama. We say we want happiness but how can we be happy if our story is about who did us wrong and the things that have gone wrong for us. Happiness is about celebration not drama. Celebrate being alive and having a chance to be even better. Love and kindness and laughter have rewards too. They are not gossiped about and they certainly don’t get you much attention but choosing them is choosing the very best parts of life. Without drama you are just you. That really is enough. That really is the best. That really is perfect.

We all know how to lose weight. How about we all go on a drama reducing diet? Your clothes won’t fit any better but people will be looking more at your glow, your lightness and your smile. Got drama? Get rid of it.

(c)2013 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride


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