Life’s Choices

If you are blissfully happy with the direction your life is going, keep going and be joyful and thankful of that fact but if you just want to make it through this day, this month, this year, then you are in the greatest danger because sooner or later you will come to the awful realization that your day, month, year, life could have been a whole lot happier.

The greatest freedom we have is the ability to choose our attitude on our life’s journey. By choosing the highest, most uplifting attitude, our journey changes significantly. There is a tremendous difference between riding on the roof of a train in the dead of winter and riding inside in a warm comfortable seat. Yes, the destination is the same but the journey is so very different. The greatest effect we can have on our life’s journey is our choice of a better attitude.

Want to show everyone how upset you are? Or maybe you want to show everyone how broken you are? Or maybe you want to show everyone how you have suffered? Well, it will take a certain attitude and a certain posture and a certain willingness to be devoid of any joy whatsoever. It will work and they will get it but what have you sacrificed? An hour,a day or more of happiness? You will never have that back! What is a moment of happiness worth? Why rob that from yourself?

Resolve right now to change. There is nothing more important than embracing attitudes that make you feel good. Embrace love. Think of all who have loved you and those you have loved. Embrace caring. Remember how good caring makes you feel. Embrace hope. See how hope brightens your world and future. Embrace pleasure. Feel your senses come alive. Embrace lightness. Release those thoughts that weigh you down. Embrace gratitude. Nothing starts or sustains your joy better. Embrace how you look. Your clay is still wet and there is still time to sculpt. Embrace forgiveness. EVERYONE makes mistakes. Embrace prayer and meditation. These are the keys to the kingdom. Physically embrace those you love and be totally present when you do.

Your journey improves the very second that you do. It is your choice to be happy right now or to put it off until later. Now is better.

(C) 2011 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride


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