Behind us there are only experiences and in front of us are only opportunities. Notice that there is not one word about failure and that is because failure doesn’t exist. It is an illusion. “Oh, don’t talk to me about failure being an illusion Patrick! The only thing I have ever been successful at is failure!” I know, I know. You have cried and fretted and fumed at your “failures” and so you KNOW that they exist. Or do they?

Failure is the name that we give to anything that we start and have decided on a planned outcome and that outcome or something better does not materialize. If something fails to materialize the way we had planned such as our health, a relationship, a job, a career, a business or a myriad of other things, we have not failed. It just worked out differently than we planned. Everything that happens to us is an experience. How we label that experience makes all the difference to how we see ourselves and how passionately we attempt something else. Experience gives you strength. “Failure” sucks the strength out of you. CHANGE YOUR LABELING!

Let your experiences, painful or pleasant, be the solid bedrock of countless more attempts. Stand on the enormity of your experiences and reach for the stars. “Failure” keeps us in a tear soaked pillow. Experience propels us to the top of the mountain. Don’t fret that it didn’t work out as planned. Stand tall and shout to the universe “What experience is next? I’m ready! I’m so much stronger than I was!”.

(C) 2011 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride


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