Get Bigger

How do you get bigger? Oh, I’m not talking about protein shakes and killer workouts or about standing at the end of the assembly line at a Krispy Kreme store. I’m talking about how do you grow you? The you that you really want to be? First, realize your value.

You are unique. That does not mean that you are strange or weird. A rare gold coin is unique because we give it great value. It’s not weird or strange. A melted piece of plastic is weird or strange and we give it no value. We misinterpret the inner part of us. We think it is weird and we give it no value. It is time to set the record straight. The inner part of you is unique and priceless. Your spirit is more valuable than anything in creation. It is who you are! You are priceless. Stop making the soul part of you the littlest part. Let your spirit shout! Let if fill up every part of you. Stop looking for strength. Generate it! Respond, act and work from a soul level. It will change your life.

Real growth starts with saying No. Say no to any one who makes you feel bad on any level. Say No to things that no longer serve your highest aspirations. Say No to the things you have been putting up with, the things that stifle your dreams and creativity. Shrink your worries and grow your spirit. Clear the garden of weeds so you can grow what you really want. It’s time to get bigger. It’s time to take that dream part of you and make it bigger. Let it fill up all that you are. Allow your spirit to grow. Every morning when you wake up, if you don’t feel bigger, stay in bed until you do. If you lay there and you feel small or burdened or worried, fill yourself with love, fill yourself with gratitude, fill yourself with hope and then start your day. If you feel yourself getting small at any time during the day, refill yourself with those same treasures. When we are talking about your dreams, your life, your love, your strength, your spirit, bigger is very, very good.

(C) 2011 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride


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