This is It!!

June 14th, 2010

This is it! This is the very moment that starts the rest of your life. You’ve waited for a special moment when you could start putting into practice everything you have read and studied and wished. You have wanted to start acting more confident. You have wanted to be more positive. You have wanted to not let the little things upset you. You have wanted to be more peaceful. You have wanted to start bringing more abundance into your life. Well, this is it. This is precisely the moment when it all starts. There never was a moment as perfect for beginning as this one.

In order to begin all that is necessary is for you to take your thoughts off auto pilot and put them on manual control. Once on manual, you will start thinking only those thoughts that enhance your well being. Thoughts of fear-gone! Thoughts of lack-gone! Thoughts of sickness-gone! Thoughts of weakness- gone, gone, gone!! Thoughts of strength-Hello! Thoughts of abundance- Glad to have you back! Thoughts of wellness – I missed you! Thoughts of spirituality- welcome back!
The next few weeks won’t be easy as you turn your life and your thoughts around. Concentrate on the successes and not the slip ups. Refocus as quick as you can on joy and love especially for yourself. Let’s get started!!

©2010 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride


Passion-The Missing Link

April 26th, 2010

You can wish all you want and not get it. You can write it down a thousand times and not manifest it. Are you a creative failure? No, not now not ever. You are one of the world’s best creators. Look at those times when everything looked like it was destined to go in one direction but you turned it around. Take a look at some of the miracles in your life. You were an integral part of those.
You can’t create what you want all of the time because of one thing. Lack of passion. Passion is the most important part of creating. If you are passionate about getting something or passionate about not getting something, you will manifest both. When you fire up a thought with passion, it happens! Set fire to a very important piece of paper and an unimportant piece of paper and they will both flare up and be reduced to ashes. The fire doesn’t discriminate. Neither does creation. It creates what you are passionate about.
You have one of the greatest gifts in the universe, the power of passion. With it you can create anything. Without it there is only despair. Fire up your passion and guide it well.

©2010 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride